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2017-04-12 07:56:21 by KieranMaster10

@byteslinger im trying to see my experience projections but its saying signup date not converting is it a glitch?


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2017-04-12 14:01:45

On the page like: ?

Seems to be working fine for me, if it's not a temporary thing I guess it must be...


2017-04-12 19:58:32

It's doing the same to me @byteslinger @CyberDevil

Initially thought it was just my username change.

KieranMaster10 responds:

i did too but it should have adjusted to the username change


2017-04-13 04:32:57

Oh, maybe that is it then. As far as I know I've never changed my username; no problems.

@EDM364 @byteslinger


2017-04-13 09:31:04

It's flaking out again, huh? Ok, I will look into it. Sorry about that, folks - I'll let you know what I find as soon as I figure it out. Thanks for the heads up !

@KieranMaster10 @EDM364 @CyberDevil


2017-04-13 21:46:41

@byteslinger, yeah, that in addition to a lot of other pages not working right presumably because of the sign up date not converting. Is why I constantly ask about an update -- sorry! I didn't think it important enough to make an actual newspost about it because I didn't know if anyone else was experiencing the glitches.