I want to ask a question

2017-05-01 14:28:56 by KieranMaster10

if i called my future self would i receive that same call when i eventually grew up?


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2017-05-01 16:01:50

i think so. if u like call urself in ur timeline and not in another one if another one even exists. i dont know but i guess so. Anyways it wouldnt work kek


2017-05-01 17:23:42

Nah, you would probably feel like "I don't wanna call this guy" and not do it neither in the present or the future.


2017-05-02 03:59:46

As long as you don't alter the path that leads up to that future moment I suppose? When the time comes you'll know you'll be calling, but if you don't answer, would you have a received an answer when you called? Arr, the paradoxes of time travel!

If you do devise a technology that allows you to somehow connect two points in time though, do let me know. I have a few things to tell my future self...

KieranMaster10 responds:

ok i will tell you